Renner Italia – History

Renner Italia was set up in 2004 in Minerbio, Bologna, with an agreement between the Cenacchi family and the heirs of Giancarlo Cocchi.

Alexandre Cenacchi had already worked in synergy with Giancarlo Cocchi as far back as 1967, the year that Renner Sayerlack S.A., long-time leader of wood coatings in South America, was established.

Whilst Italy was enjoying the thriving economic boom Cocchi, by 1967, had already built up experiences and results: 17 years earlier he set up a prestigious company producing special wood coatings in Pianoro (Bologna).

Renner Italia is the heir of this journey. It contains the seeds of professionalism, intelligence and passion of the two protagonists that for half a century have animated the wood coating sector.

Renner Italia inaugurated its first plant in March 2004. Located in the industrial estate of Minerbio, a small town on the outskirts of Bologna, the plant is wholly dedicated to the production of water-based coatings. In 2007, the company expanded with the creation of a plant currently dedicated to the production of solvent-based coatings, but it is already setup for the production of water-based coatings.

The production units in Bologna currently cover 50,000 square metres. We have 200 employees, 40 laboratory chemists and 2000 formulas supplying 60 countries. The production potential is of over 30,000 tons.