Renner Italia’s research

With the Firewall fire retardant formulations the Renner Italia laboratories have reached the maximum safety standards for fireproof coatings.

The chemists’ challenge didn’t end with the unescapable response to fire. The researchers’ objective was and is, as always, to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the beauty of wooden components and, therefore, of the spaces that they are used in. The Firewall fire retardant coatings, thanks to their wide range of colours and special effects, are highly esteemed products that are able to meet designers’ aesthetic requirements.

In Renner Italia’s laboratories forty researchers, divided in two groups for the formulation of water-based and solvent-based coatings, are constantly at work to research and test innovative products.

Renner Italia’s chemists communicate and collaborate with the industry, as well as with the most qualified producers of professional wood coating systems. Aware that the priority lies in safeguarding man and the environment the company is focusing its attention on the possibilities of water-based coatings technology.